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Come join us in our home bible studies. Our first session will run for the last 3 weeks in September and be hosted in 6 locations.  Please visit our Ministry Open House on September 7th or see our Church Bulletin for locations.  Click on the link below to purchase the book from

8-15-world-is-smaller-than-you-think-tom-mercer-paperback-cover-art8 to 15, The World Is Smaller Than You Think by Tom Mercer

On the average, each of us has 8 to 15 people, whom God has supernaturally and strategically placed in our relational world so that He might use us to show them His love. The Greeks used one word to describe this personal world-oikos. This book is not about programs or events, but a new way to view the world around us. The oikos principle is one that Jesus designed, modeled and taught, for one purpose, to change the world-a world that might just be smaller than you think!