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What is Sacrifice

What is Sacrifice?

For many, it is difficult to answer the question, “What is sacrifice?” because this concept is foreign to most people today. David says in 2 Sam 24:24, “I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”
God has not given everyone the ability to give the same amount in dollars and cents. However, he does call us to make the same quality of commitment.

A sacrifice will cost us something in the way we live. It is giving up something we love and cherish for something we love and cherish more.

David in 1 Chron 29:3–5, Barnabas in Acts 4:31–37, the widow in Mark 12:41–43, and the Macedonian Christians in 2 Cor 8:1–5 all provide testimonies of sacrificial gifts.

Sacrifice is:

Unfortunately, many consider their financial commitment about on the level of a tip to God. As with a tip, a believer may give a token gift to God because (1) he feels that God has given him good attention, as a waiter might, or (2) he feels that God might need his help, even as one would tip a young waiter who is attending the local university.

But a tip is not a sacrifice. Instead, a sacrifice must: (1) be given voluntarily, (2) be purposeful and (3) represent exceptional value for the giver. Anything less than sacrificial giving provokes only pride or regret, or both. True sacrifice evokes joy (2 Cor 8:1–3) in the giving and in the faith that one can fulfill the commitment of his or her prayerful response.

Creative Ways of Giving


Is there something in your daily life that you can take advantage of less frequently like eating out, entertainment expenses, subscriptions? By decreasing a weekly or monthly expense, regardless of what it may be, you can free up resources to add to your pledge.


Are there any plans that you might be making that involve a financial commitment? If so, prayerfully consider delaying these plans and use that extra income to contribute.

Examples: Delay that remodeling project, take that vacation next winter, or wait to buy a new car or furniture.


Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve gotten another quote on an existing service. Maybe you can do some extra comparison or bargain shopping.

Examples: Shop around for the best price on auto insurance and give the savings to the “Finishing the Task” building campaign. Pay off a bill; keep giving that amount to the building campaign.